Adrln All American Game: More Standouts Added To The Line Up

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We are proud to announce the next wave of Adrenaline 2018 All Americans for the storied boys Adrenaline All American game! These players will rally from their respective regions to put on one last show before heading off to college. All but one will continue to wear the western tag with pride while playing for east coast powerhouses, while Marino and Erickson will join the fight in putting collegiate programs west of the mississippi on the map. The Star in Frisco will serve as the perfect stage for this high-profiled game.

Congrats to these players for all their hardwork!

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New for 2018 is the inaugural girls western Adrenaline All American Game showcasing to the rest of the country the amazing talent of the western female lacrosse player. Stay tuned for a release of the Top 10 girls in the coming week!

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About The Adrenaline All American Game:

The Adrenaline All American Game was started in 2011 as a reaction to the omission of western players on the lists of established industry All American games. The western player deserved more, so we decided to put on our own western All-American game. In 6 short years the Adrenaline All American Game has established itself as one of the top events in the sport. Former players have become NCAA All Americans and MLL players, proving the West is deserving after all. We are excited to bring this same recognition to the western female lacrosse players.

  • 10 NCAA All Americans
  • 11 MLL Professional Players

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