Adrenaline Partners WIth AthletePrep To Aid In College Planning Process



Adrenaline Partners With AthletePrep To Aid In College Planning Process

Adrenaline is proud to announce its newest events/ club partner, AthletePrep. This college preparation platform allows student-athletes and parents to effectively navigate the college search process, and ensures players are taking a holistic approach to finding the best fit both athletically and academically. With fourteen college recruitment tournaments in the lineup for 2016, Adrenaline is excited to expand its recruiting offering beyond on-field exposure. Players who participant in select upcoming Adrenaline events or are a part of an Adrenaline affiliate club will receive special access to the AthletePrep Athletic & Academic Development program, more specifically LacrossePrep, at a discounted price.

The platform incorporates age appropriate content for 9th-12th graders including:

College Planner – Betterton College Planner
The only product available that includes all aspects of preparing for and managing the college selection process:

  • Admission planning and admittance evaluation
  • College list balancing & college choice optimization
  • College profiles
  • College costs, merit scholarships, college need-based & State aid programs

As a Result, Students & Parents gain an unparalleled understanding of:
1) Where a student stands vs any college’s current freshman class in key categories
2) Specific guidance on how a college candidacy can be improved via over 20 assessment variables

Standardized Test Preparation – ePrep

  • Offered in thousands of schools & Learning Centers across the country.
  • SAT and ACT Test Prep features full-length practice tests that can be taken whenever and wherever it’s convenient.
  • Courses include thousands of videos with expert tutors demonstrating how to solve practice problems.
  • Analytics: ePrep’s adaptive diagnostic tool grades tests, track progress, analyze potential, direct efforts and recommend remediation.

Build Your Profile – Tell your story the way you want
– Build online profile that includes academic, athletic and extra-curricular details and achievements
– Attach videos, photos and evaluations
– Share profile with Colleges Coaches by sending them a simple unique link
– No need to spend hundreds of dollars on separate recruiting services that offer similar functionality

“We are excited to work with AthletePrep because we understand the college recruiting process can be extremely grueling and competitive. Helping kids understand that there is more to consider outside of playing sports when choosing a college will ultimately take the pressure off comparing themselves to one another. It will help nullify a lot of misinformation that is out there,” says Jono Zissi, Adrenaline Recruiting Director. “Casting a wide net and being informed about the array of options for our athletes will help ensure that they find the right ‘fit’.” Adrenaline recognizes that dedicating time to both sides of the process will even the playing field for student-athletes and allow them to focus their efforts on realistic, attainable goals.
“AthletePrep is excited to supplement the impactful relationship student athletes and their families already benefit from in their Adrenaline experience”, says Marc Moreau, a AthletePrep Partner. “Our mission is provide empowering information to students and parents that proves invaluable when navigating the college process, regardless of a student’s athletic ability or ultimate destination as a lacrosse player.”

About AthletetPrep:
Created by Princeton University former faculty and student athletes, AthletePrep is the nation’s most unique, insightful and dynamic college preparatory platform. AthletePrep provides admission and financial guidance along with standardized test preparation all under one singular umbrella of value. Students can assess themselves as both college candidates and test takers with an unprecedented level of clarity and detail. Parents can assess what is often a landmark expense with a game-changing degree of insight.

About Adrenaline:
Adrenaline Lacrosse is one of the most dynamic brands in lacrosse due to its multi-faceted and authentic nature. Adrenaline’s apparel offers cutting edge team, performance, and lifestyle items distributed in retailers nationwide that represent the true core of lacrosse. Also the largest lacrosse event provider in the nation, Adrenaline has properties including: LXM PRO, Training Programs, Recruiting Programs, Adrenaline Starz Clubs, Tournaments, Camps and Leagues. The Adrenaline Recruiting System features the #1 individual recruiting event, the Adrenaline Black Card, which boasts the nation’s top Collegiate Placement Success Rate (CPSR). Adrenaline Starz is the largest club network in the sport that includes the nationally ranked Adrenaline West Coast Starz teams. Adrenaline truly is All Fight No Flight. Visit our website at or contact us at to find out more.

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