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The first Adrenaline Fall Invitational drew in 57 teams from as far away as California to compete in the round-robin recruiting event outside of Philadelphia last weekend. The fully turfed, five-field venue known as MapleZone Sports Institute played host to all age divisions on day one, followed by the addition of Great Valley High School on Sunday to accomodate more teams. Teams rallied to prove themselves both as one of the most elite club programs in the nation as well as on an individual player level. Colleges coaches also flocked from near and far to scout the talent, and the players surely did not dissapoint. Check out this list of “Player Standouts” (*** = Most Impressed), compliments of those whose opinions you were fighting to please…


Elon Tuckman ’18, A, Blue Star 2018

Elon is a talented lefty with the ability to score from all over the field.  He showed great range with his hands free but more impressive was his ability to finish in traffic.  Elon’s ability to find creases in the defense and finish in tight is what stood out most.


Trevor Peay ’18, A, ADVNC 2017/2018

Peay showed great athleticism, using his quickness to repeatedly breakdown defenders.  Trevor’s athleticism and toughness also allowed him to make plays between the lines and defensively.


Drew Bregman ’18, A, Fusion 2018

Drew is a talented dodger and shooter at attack.  Bregman has a strong ability to get to the island and free his hands, shooting the ball hard to corners.  Bregman also displayed great hustle and tenacity in the ride game.


Zachary Musial ’18, G, LB3 ATL 2018 Elite

Musial is a fantastic young goalie.  The right hander displayed great positioning and technique, his hands are quick and move directly to the ball.  He also was the leader of the defense, communicating to both his on and off ball defensemen.


Cordell Brown ’18, D, Team Turnpike 2017/2018

Brown is a big, strong defensemen who displayed great ability to defend on ball.  More impressively, Cordell was tremendous in the clearing game, he was able to handle the pressure of opposing attackmen and did a great job on groundballs.


Chris Hyde ’17, D, BBL Elite 2017

The big, strong, and athletic Hyde caused chaos between the lines all weekend.  Hyde constantly extended out and pressured opposing offensive players.  He has a great understanding of when to slide and take advantages of times to double which lead to a number of caused turnovers.


Garrett Samuelson ’17, A, Blue Star 2017

Samuelson displayed a well-rounded game at attack this weekend.  Using both hands Garrett was able to lean into his defender and absorb contact while looking to make feeds.  Off-ball, Garrett did a great job finding pockets in the defense and finishing.


Christopher Conquest ’17, D, Blue Star 2017

Conquest has great size and strength on defense and showcased his athleticism while running LSM.  Continually communicating on the defensive side of the ball, Conquest was instrumental in forcing turnovers.  He also displayed strong stick skills and the ability to be a threat on offense.


Billy Hutchinson ’17, D, CT Chargers 2017

Hutchinson showcased a high lacrosse IQ with his understanding of the Chargers’ defense.  He was involved in a number of slides and recoveries and communicated effectively each time, keeping his team on the same page.


Niko Gekas ’17, A, LB3 ATL 2017 Elite

Gekas is an extremely balanced attackmen, a slick dodger, capable of beating you as a feeder or finisher.  He is versatile player with excellent stick skills that was apart of a number of great goals as both the scorer or setup man.


Jeremy Sartin ‘17, A, LB3 ATL 2017 Elite

Sartin is a strong, athletic dodger at attack.  Jeremy is a great athlete and has tremendous lateral quickness, which he utilizes to breakdown defenders.  Most impressive about Sartin is the tempo that he plays with.  He is constantly probing the defense, putting a lot of pressure on off-ball defenders who must be ready to slide.


Bobby Burns ’17, A, LI Outlaws 2017 Select

The lefty Burns showcased a great ability to shoot the ball for the Outlaws.  Burns made life tough on opposing goalies when his hands were free, scoring repeatedly with hard shots that they couldn’t catch up to.


Will Brossman ’17, M, NJLC 2017

Brossman used his strength to score in a multitude of ways over the weekend.  The righty was able to blow shots past opposing goalies with his hands free.  Additionally, Will was able to get his hands free and shoot to good locations off of his dodges.


Michael Wilson ’17, A, NJ Riot 2017/18

Michael Wilson has tremendous lacrosse IQ and plays extremely hard.  Using both hands, Wilson orchestrated the offense from X, dodging to score and creating opportunities for his teammates.  Wilson was excellent in two-man game, reading the defense and making smart decisions.


Jack O’Connor ’17, M, PrimeTime 2017

O’Connor is a do-it-all midfielder for PrimeTime.  Showcasing a high-level of lacrosse IQ O’Connor was a playmaker at midfield, capable of shooting with time and room, on the run, and playing tough defense between the lines.  Jack is a rare midfielder that excels defensively but also has the offensive skill to play man-up.

Ryan Rogers ’19, M, 2019 ADVNC

A dodging middie that made numerous plays between the lines. Impressed with dodging from above the restraining line and getting his shot in the middle of the defense while taking hits.


Jack Goller ’19, M, 2019 ADVNC

Slick and shifty, Goller make a bunch of defenders miss during clearing and 6 v 6. He was a playmaker for the ADVNC squad and the one who wanted the ball where ever he was. His shots were quality and he looked for the extra pass a lot.


Cameron Hollander ’19, F/O / M, BBL Elite 2019

One of the better FO guys, if he didn’t win the clamp straight up he was able to tie up the guy and win the ground ball. Able to run and control the ball when he popped it forward. Didn’t see him lose more than a handful.


William Schiffenhaus ’19, A, BBL Elite 2019

Big body attack men that runs well. He sticks out because he’s physical on the corner… saw him turn the corner a couple times and get good shots off with opposing coaches noticing to put their best defensemen on him. More of a finisher within 5-8 yards but is able to create on his own. Had a couple very solid goals to finish the games on Sunday.


Connor Drake ’19, A/M, CT Chargers 2019

One of the best lefties all day, very slick with his stick and attacks the cage with his head up. On the wing he made skilled plays. looking for cutters and pushing the pipes. He’s heavily recruited for a reason, one of the better players on Sunday.


Robert McCulloch ’19, D, CT Chargers 2019

McCulloch’s aggressive on-ball defense causes offensive players to make mistakes and convert to turnovers. He stuck out because of his on-ball ‘D’ and his athletic ability to run the field. Definitely a force for his team when the ball is at his end.

Tyler Bennett ’19, M, FCA Lacrosse 2019

At first sight Bennett is a tall runner with very good stick skills, but his best attribute is his shot. The FCA team tried to set him up the most to take step down shots and shots down the alley- vs. Outlaws he had a couple pipes where he stepped in 5 yrds from the restraining line. He’s was one of the better 2019 shooters on Sunday and was FCA’s top midfielder.


Rian Sipe ’19, A,  FCA Lacrosse 2019

Skilled head-up dodger from X, looks to feed his teammates like Bennett when he has the ball. Always pushing the issue with his head up, you could see him organize the offense and make the right look when he dodged. Because of his skill he is able to push the corner for his own shot and had a couple goals on roll balls and top side dives.


Nic Conroy ’19, A, LB3 Phillie Elite 2019 

Tall athletic runner at the attack position, was impressive shooting from the left wing on man up and in transition. Saw him topside his guy from X a couple times and score multiple goals throughout the game. While not being selfish he helped his team to win a couple games on Sunday and scored a ton of goals from the lefty attack position.

Stephen Rinck ’19, M, LB3 Phillie Elite 2019

Big athletic middie with a nose for the goal. Looked good running down hill to shoot and score. Noticible player when walking up to the fields and impresses more with the ball in his stick. His physical play helps him dominate at this level.

Michael DeMola ’19, A, LI Outlaws 2019 Select

Small and shifty, a very skilled lefty. Makes finishing and shooting from the lefty corner look easy. His IQ for his position is high and made plays in transition and 6 v 6 to help his team win. When the ball hit his stick he made plays… had 2 goals 1 assist against FCA in an early game.


Quinn O’Hara ’19, M, LI Outlaws 2019 Select

Tall dodger from the midfield with a couple toe drags and stick fakes to get him closer to the cage. He was able to get his shot off whenever he needed to. Played both attack and midfield on Sunday and looked impressive at both. One of the taller 2019s with great hands, he will be a good player for the Outlaws for the next couple years.

Joseph Corbett ’19 , M, PrimeTime 2019 ***

One of the most impressive midfielders on Sunday. Joe was able to get his own shot down the alley and create from the wings. With one of the better sticks out there, he controlled the tempo while playing very fast. Similar to the other middies in the program he is physical and can get to the cage. Corbett had a couple goals against LB3 Atlanta after getting injured and coming back into the game. A kid to watch moving forward.


Michael Gottlieb ’19, M, PrimeTime 2019 ***

He was the most explosive 2019 midfielder, running through LSM and midfielders alike. When he had the ball he expected to score… between him and Corbett they couldn’t be defended from the midfield position. This physical middie had coaches impressed on Sunday and I believe that trend will continue.


Christian Ronda ’19, A, PrimeTime 2019

Lefty X attackmen who was the south side of this offense. When Corbett and Gottlieb were tired or drew the slide he was able to take the pressure off and get up field to make plays, had a couple goals and assist dodging topside. Overall, was a little too much for his defensemen from X and the lefty wing.


Harrison Caponiti ’18, M, PrimeTime 2018

Massive 2018 midfield with the physical features to play at the next level right now. When the ball was in his stick it was going no where but towards the cage. His shot and physical nature makes him almost impossible to stop at this age. He will be a guy we’ll be watching at the next level.


Billy Chabot ’18, M, PrimeTime 2018

Physical dodging midfielder that handles the ball well and looks to draw slides. Has the ability to dodge a pole or multiple short sticks to make the right play for the team. He impressed on downhill dodges and running the field, very athletic.

John Danford ’19, M, Orange Crush 2019

John never saw a shot he didn’t like, he was a force to be wrecken with in the midfield with a talent to generate his own shot. One of his more impressive goals was straddling the restraining line and hitting the upper 90. He’s got an impressive shot and a knack for getting to the cage. When he has the ball the defense is on alert. He’s athletic, able to run past defensemen, and will be a guy we see playing at the next level.


Thank you to all the elite club teams, players, coaches and families who made this event great! Event images can be found here. Be sure to check out the Adrenaline Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for live updates, contests and more! In you missed it, the latest Adrenaline Fall/Winter apparel line can be found online here!



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