Adrenaline Evaluation Team (AET)



The Adrenaline Evalution Team is a crucial part of our trusted recruiting system as we fairly and accurately evaluate players at all of our Adrenaline events. AET is governing body of the Adrenaline Recruitment System comprised of expert evaluators whose credentials include top-level collegiate coaching experience and/or professional playing experience.

Below are bullets to help you understand how our team operates.

  • AET serves as a team of active on-field advocates for every player within the Adrenaline Recruitment System. This is accomplished by speaking with college coaches and trusted club coaches about players who may be a good fit for their program from a knowledgeable and trusted point of view.
  • AET evaluates and scores players at every team event looking for top level players to invite to various levels of individual recruitment programs.
  • AET also evaluates and scores players at every individual recruitment event. These grades serve as a general guide for collegiate coaches to easily zero in on players whose skill level is a match for their program.
  • AET reviews and evaluates every recommendation form submitted by coaches to determine who qualifies for individual recruitment events.
  • Lastly, AET also evaluates overall teams to see if they are playing at a level of competitiveness that is suitable for certain levels of Team Recruitment events.

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