Adrenaline Caps Of June Events In Park City, Utah

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Adrenaline will finish out June events strong in Utah for the second annual Park City Showdown, hosted at several incredibly manicured fields in the heart of Park City. 70+ boys and girls programs will compete in two days worth of games in hopes of claiming a division title. Team will travel in from WA, CA, CO, MT, UT, TX, OR, MN and NV to claim western bragging rights.

Park City is the perfect location for families and players to come and vacation, all while enjoying time well spent on the field. Every team is guaranteed four regular pool play games. Based on rankings, the #1 and #2 seed will enter a 5th game for the championship in each of their respective divisions. You can find all match ups and live score updates here.

Park City Showdown is one of several US qualifier tournaments for both boys and girls programs where teams can earn points towards the USL Nationals tournament going on this August! Western qualifiers like this one allow newer hotbed states such as UT, CA, and CO to have teams earn points without having to travel back east. The competition in these areas is growing at an increasingly rapid rate, and its only fitting that they be afforded the same local opportunities to earn points on the #RoadToDelaware.

Tune in to Adrenaline’s social media all weekend long for insider looks into the event! Additionally, please share your experience with us! Use these hashtags: #Adrln #PCShowdown18

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