Adrenaline Invitational (VA) Team Spotlight: Top Caliber

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Top Caliber Lacrosse is on board for the Adrln Fall Invitational in Virginia next weekend! Top Caliber is local to the area and will be a forced to be wrecken with. Clubs from across the country will travel to Leesburg to prove themselves against such hotbed competition. Learn more about Top Caliber here!

Club Program:

Top Caliber Lacrosse

Divisions/Age Groups:

U13, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 (Adding U9 and U11 Summer of 2016)

Director/ Coaches:

Frank Keel (Director and Coach) / Other coaches: Truett Valentine, Aaron Solomon, Matt Curran, Eric Ruffer


Social Media Handles:

Instagram: TopCaliberLacrosse // Twitter: TopCaliberLax /// Facebook: Top Caliber Lacrosse


Where is your program based? What other cities are you in, if any?

Alexandria/Fairfax, Virginia


How long has your program been around?

Since Summer of 2014


What are your team values/ goals?

Player Development is our main focus, as our practice to tournament ratio is about 10:1. We aim to teach the game with positive reinforcement, and have received nothing but great feedback from all of our players and parents when it comes to our coaching style. We have been able to connect and teach certain players that some traditional coaches may not have been able to reach in the same capacity. We are also very focused on assisting our players connect with college coaches, and want to help them commit to colleges that are a great fit for them academically and athletically.


What is your team motto? 

Team work makes the dream work.


Any notable Alum that played/ play at the next level?

Too new for our players, but our coaches have played at Robert Morris, Rutgers, Maryland, Denison. We also have players/coaches currently playing at Queens, Mary Washington, Salisbury, UNC, Navy


Any current committed players? Please include their full name, grad year, and where they are headed.

Connor Jacoby, 2018, Navy

John Daniel, 2016, VMI

Austin Henry, 2016, VMI

Tommy Faiella, 2016, Hood College

Anything else you would like people to know about your program? 

Three of our coaches are the current coaches at Robinson Secondary School (VA)- 2 time defending 6A State Champions (2014, 2015). Two of our other coaches, Frank Keel (Director/President) and Matt Curran also played at Robinson Secondary.

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